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Management Basic

Come out team’s performance through members

What is “management”? What is the role of “manager”?
The first step for manager to come up team’s performance through member(s) is to recognize the role of manager, and clarify his/her own point to become a high performance manager.
At this training program, you can learn important points at management, besides the definition of “Management” and “Manager”.

■ Instructor: Thai instructor (POR)
■ Time: 10:00 thru 17:00

Tue., Dec. 15 2020  9:00〜16:00  Japanese Manager (Japanese)  Instructor: SUZUKI、POR  ※Online
Fri., Dec. 18 2020  10:00〜17:00  Thai Manager (Thai)  Instructor: POR
Tue., Jan. 12 2021  10:00〜17:00  Thai Manager (Thai)  Instructor: POR
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